What Are Termites & Give Some Tips To Remove Them

In homes, the most common insect that one can encounter is termites. These are the most destructive pests that attack wooden items, furniture, and many other things. However, treat these termites well by following a few tips.

What termites are?

Termites are mainly insects that are attracted to damp, dark conditions, soil, and wood. These termites can be seen in different types that are commonly encountered by homeowners. Whether it’s your wall or wooden items, it will get affected by the attack of termites. Are you dealing with termite attacks in your home? Want to get rid of the termites with ease? If yes then you need to follow these pest control tre to carry out the Best Pest Control process. 

termite exterminators
termite exterminators
  1. Exposure to direct sunlight

One of the best & effective ways that can help you to remove the termite and control them is to expose the affected products and goods to direct sunlight. This is a natural way that you can try to control the termite. Sunlight works better on termites as they only thrive in damp, dark, and moist conditions. This makes the termite averse to sunlight and then they leave the products. In the high heat, termites can die therefore this Termite Control process is an effective method for their removal. Whatever the household items are affected by termite, keep them in the direct sunlight for 2-3 days to see effective results.  

  1. Use borax powder

Using boric acid is another great and effective method that can remove termites from your home. So, for this, you need to make a solution of borax powder and water. After this, pour this mix into a bottle and then spray it on the affected areas. The borax powder shows an immediate effect to get rid of termites at home. 

The good thing is that this powder is a non-toxic method and doesn’t cause any side effects on people living in the home. You can also spray this solution on wooden items such as chairs, tables, cupboards, and other wooden furniture to see results in a few days.

Make sure you’re repeating the spray process on the termite a few times. After a few applications of this spray, you’ll see a quick result.

  1. Do oil treatment for wooden items

Termites damage the Walls and wooden items such as furniture mostly. For a better Termite Control process, you can make use of different oils. Some oils can easily kill termites whenever they come in contact with oil. You can spray or pour these oils over the affected areas such as wooden items. You can try this tip repeatedly for the best results. So, you can do this oil treatment for removal of termites without any hassle.


These are a few crucial tips that can help you in getting rid of termites with ease. By carefully following these Termite Control process tips, you no longer need to worry about the termite attacks in your home.